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Measured Food is the famous food provider for ready to eat food, ready to cook food and other delicious range of Tandoori. Now you can enjoy mouth watering food at your home available in packets. We never compromise with the taste and quality. You will get to know that authenticated reviews and customers trust conducted on the new and latest Leads to grow the urban food corner. Measured Food service are really outstanding and can reduces cost of catering more than 50%. You can pick your menu from Measured Food Store Near Me.

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Barbeque Delicacies
Curry Specialities
Base Gravies
Barbeque Delicacies
Curry Specialities
Base Gravies

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So How Does Measured Food Process Work?

We have been doing our best in the food industry for 34 years. And continuously growing our taste and our passion in making your food yummiest and filled with a mouthwatering essence. We are the destination for all kinds of amazing and wonderful ready to cook food packets and ready to eat food packets along with the wide range of snacks. Measured food is considered as the best food provider of curry / gravy. You dont need to add salt, even just heat the gravy and serve after garnishing.



Our special menu is filled with a variety of foods of your choice and preferences.

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Measured food is giving you the safe and on time delivery. Pick your best food experience.

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Visit us to enjoy the taste of the delicious Ready to Eat food items with a lot of varieties.


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Innovative Food Service Trends

The well known and trusted company Mohraj Packed Foods Services PVT. LTD is introducing creative and innovative food items to bring the advance and next level change in the food industry. And we also allowed our customers to add their preferences and choice of food into our amazing food gravies. This is a flexible way to make the food according to you. You can add either the veg item or non-veg items into our special rogan josh and other gravies to make a dish incredible and overloaded with taste.

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Ready to Cook Food Service

Measured Food 's ready to eat Gravies are very delicious made with the rare spices but have multiple tastes along with the different vegetables and non veg .

Ready to Eat Food Service

We have professional chefs so, you can get the best food experience from our Kitchen served to you only with the quality food along with savor.

Variety of Tandoor

Want to eat a variety of tandoori item. To have a day full of fun with savor food with heart blooming essence. Served in the desired and professional way.