Why Choose Us

Measured Food Story, We are the famous food provider for ready to eat food, ready to cook food and other delicious range of Tandoori. Now you can enjoy mouth watering food at your home available in packets. We never compromise with the taste and quality. You will get to know that authenticated reviews and customers trust conducted on the new and latest Leads to grow the urban food corner. Measured Food service are really outstanding and can reduces cost of catering more than 50%. You can pick your menu from Measured Food Store Near Me.

Measured Food Story

Measured Food is an advanced food point that gives you the mobility of great tasted food. We have been working for three decades in the food industry. We just created a simple way between the traditional food provider and creative food revolutioners. We are improving and growing our services, and food items range. We provide Ready to Eat Food Packets, Ready to Cook Food and Merinating gravies which you can serve either with veg food and with non-veg items. There is no need to add any ingredient in our ready to eat gravy / rogan josh. We are serving creatively in the field of kitchens and cuisines for last three decades.

“Measured Food is giving you the next level food experience. It has increased the mobility of food. We make a flexible way for food availability everytime and everywhere. “

About our company

Measured food is the product of Mohraj Packed Foods Services PVT. LTD. Measured Food is the company that gives you the mobility of food. Mr. Rajendra Khare is the founder of this company. We are working in the food industry for 34 years and having the experience to serve only royal authentic taste and mouth watering food. Just because of our great passion to serve the quality food.

Our Mission

We have started this company with the vision to do something as per the demand of today’s generation. Now-a-days everything is available everywhere but when it comes to the food then we think that we can preserve the food for so long and we need a specific place to enjoy the taste of delicious food. But this is possible now to take the taste of the yummy Ready To Eat Food which is completely prepared.

Our Vision

Measured Food is achieving high in mentioning the Freshness, Quality, Taste and most importantly the Mobility of the food. We want to spread our wings to whole around the world. With improving our quality and skills to serve you the best ever food to make your special movement more special. Measured food came up with the aim to bring the food industry more fascinating.

Quality Of Measured Food