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Product Highlight

Dal Makhni is the most essential curry for Indian Feast and Events, Combination of aromatic spices to serve you the real taste of India. You can preserve the Food for 2 month, But make sure to pour the food into an airtight container. Safe delivery within 3 hours for Delhi / NCR & 3 working days for out of Delhi / NCR. 100% Vegetarian ready to eat food. No need for preparation. You are not required to add salt or anything. 


Color : Red OrangeTexture : Smooth with Pulses mixtureA combination of rare spices and vegetables100 % vegetariansNo added color, No essence

How to Use

Take the Measured Food ‘s Dal Makhni Packet, Tear the package and pour into a bowl, Heat for a few minutes and garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot with Pratha, Roti, Lachha Pratha, Fried Flatbreads, Fluffy and Rice.  

Where to Use

Every Indian occasion has a number of curry must be included into the feast, Dal Makhni is famous curry and can be combined with any meal option. Must try this marvelous curry made with perfection, choose the dish to serve in all your events and parties. 


1. For how long we will preserve the Ready to Eat gravy ‘s product?
 You can preserve the food for two month, But make sure that you’ve poured the food item in an airtight container. Keep that into a deep freeze.
2. Is there added color or essence?
No, there’s no added essence and color. We use pure natural ingredients in preparation.
3. Is there any additional cost for delivery?
No, there’s not a penny for delivery charge if you’ve ordered the merchandise amount 2000 (Delhi / NCR) or upto the minimum limit.
4. How Ready to Eat gravy products reduce our cooking time?
Now you are not required to organize gravy and to stress about the balanced proportion of spices to feature . you only got to heat the gravy and add the most veg food amount thereto . And serve. 
5. Does the worth of the merchandise include GST? 
Yes, the GST amount is included into the worth of the merchandise . you’ll not ask to pay it separately. 
6. How much time will the merchandise fancy deliver?
If the order received with the tretteriy of Delhi/ NCR it’ll take only 3 hours, And if you’re placing order out of Delhi NCR it’ll take time of three working days to deliver.
7. Do we need to do any preparation operation for Ready to Eat curries?
 No, Just heat the curry on serving time. 


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